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We are approaching the time of the year where our trees will start to change. We have worked long and hard all summer to keep up the appearance of our landscape with yard work and ongoing plant health care. Even with the cooler temperatures on the horizon, that doesn’t mean tree care in Rochester NY comes to a halt. There is still plenty of work to do to ensure your trees continue to grow and remain healthy through the winter.

So what can be done during the fall months to promote sustainable tree health care? The answer may vary depending on the types of trees and the condition of the plants in your landscape. No matter the situation, there are some great fall tree care tips and best practices to follow as the leaves start to change colors.

Analyze Your Trees
As the seasons start to change from summer to fall, take the opportunity to assess the condition of your trees. The lack of foliage can present a chance to examine trees for broken branches, pest infestations, or even common tree diseases in our area. If you find something that looks out of the ordinary, a professional tree care company can come to your home and diagnose potential issues and recommend effective treatment plans.

Trim Hazardous Branches
Believe it or not, fall is one of the best times to execute tree trimming. Also known as tree pruning, trimming diseased, dead, or dying branches is extremely vital for the continued growth and health of your trees. Many arborists recommend trimming trees during this time of year where there is less foliage on the trees so you can make clear and precise cuts. This also gives time for the trees to heal during the winter and be ready to flourish come spring. We always recommend you consult with a certified tree trimming company before pruning or removing any trees.

Plant New Trees for Your Property
Have you been considering sprucing up your property with a different variety of plants and trees? Well you are in luck! Fall is a great time to plant a new tree because you have lower chances of drought or sun scorch and cooler temperatures help new root growth. Planting a tree during this time of year gives it time to establish itself and grow by the time summer rolls back around. Be sure to do some research into what types of trees are best suited for our climate before deciding to plant!

If you are ever in need of tree service in Rochester, Pittsford NY or the surrounding area, be sure to give All Around Landscape and Tree Service a call! We are happy to answer your questions and provide our expert tree care advice. Contact us today!

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