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Fall is here, and that means a few things: colder weather, pumpkin and apple picking, and leaves changing colors It’s this time of year when trees seem to change overnight and turn your green landscape into a picturesque blend of colors. In order to minimize stress on your trees and help them thrive throughout the colder months, follow these tree care tips.

Utilize Mulch – Composted organic mulch acts a blanket for your trees, helping regulate temperature during the harsh NY winter. Additionally, mulch can help the soil retain water, which becomes even more important during these drier months.

Water – In conjunction with mulch, it’s important to make sure your trees receive enough water during this time. As long as the temperature is above 40 degrees, watering during these months can help promote root growth and minimize damage caused by cold and dry weather.

Wrap – Just like anything else, trees expand and contract in response to changes in weather. Fluctuations in temperature from the sun’s warmth to a blistering cold front can cause bark to rupture and damage to the trunk. Wrap the base of your tree with a hard plastic guard or metal hardware cloth to help regulate temperature and protect your tree. Just remember to remove the wrap before spring, as it could prohibit growth.

Avoid Pruning Until Winter – Too many times people make the mistake of pruning their trees the same time they’re raking and mulching. Pruning stimulates new growth, and pruning during the fall season when trees are trying to go dormant can do long-term damage. Instead, wait until winter, when most trees are dormant and branches are more accessible. Winter pruning allows you to clear out any dead or damaged branches, and helps promote growth as the spring season emerges.

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Use these tips this fall to help your trees survive winter and thrive next spring. With over 30 years of experience providing tree care to the greater Rochester NY area, All Around Landscape is here to help with your tree care needs.

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