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Considering the date published, you may be thinking that it’s an odd time to be talking about the spring. We admit that there is still a hill to climb until the weather starts to thaw a bit, but that doesn’t mean that now isn’t a great time to start thinking about the health of your trees in the warmer months! While it’s still cold and the trees are still bare, homeowners have a window of opportunity to see what needs to be shed from the winter.

In order for you tree to grow as healthy as possible, it needs to have a solid base. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything about the root structure per say, but more concerns the way that the branches are growing from the tree’s center. Certain branches need to be pruned in order for the tree to grow in an even and balanced way. Rather than letting branches that are eventually doomed to fall or disrupt the growing pattern from absorbing nutrients from the tree, pruning lets those nutrients go to the branches that need it most.

Besides the visibility that you get in the winter, there’s more reasons why late winter (or early spring, if you’re optimistic) is a great time to prune. In the colder months, trees enter a dormant stage that halts any growth. This makes it perfect for trimming back branches, as there won’t be any conflict with the tree’s growth. Pruning while a tree is blooming or growing can ruin the overall growth potential for the rest of the year. And, as we said before, pruning back unwanted branches in the dormant stage will set the stage for better growth once the trees begin the blooming process.

So when exactly should you have your trees pruned? It’s typically recommended that any time between the changing leaves of fall or the floral blooms of spring. In other words, that means around now! The winter months are an excellent opportunity to dress your tree for success in the warmer months.

It’s important that you only trust your pruning job with someone that knows what they’re doing. It takes a keen eye to understand which branches are negatively affecting your tree’s health, as well as which branches are growing healthy. A bad trimming job can severely damage the health of your tree, which can result in disease, decay, and even death.

At All Around Landscape and Tree Service, we only use state-of-the-art equipment when we take on tree trimming in Rochester NY. With the right tools, we ensure that your trees are well maintained with as little hazard as possible. Call today to find out how we’ve remained Monroe County’s #1 tree service since 1985!

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